Walking the Cotswolds (2014)  |  Allen Cohen (b. 1951)

Walking the Cotswolds was written for and dedicated to the PEN Trio by composer Allen Cohen.  It was premiered at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas on March 12, 2014 and has subsequently been published in the PEN Trio Collection and is available through TrevCo-Varner Music.

Program Notes from composer Allen Cohen:

Most chamber music for woodwinds, and for reed trio in particular, has been French in either origin or inspiration. Perhaps because of the weight of that tradition, when PEN Trio asked me to write them a piece, I found myself inspired more by thoughts of Britain than of France. I imagined three friends setting out on a hiking trip (or as the English might say, a walking tour) through a beautiful rural countryside. One of my favorite such places in Britain is the Cotswolds. It has rolling hills, charming small towns with quaint picturesque names, houses built of a distinctive honey-colored stone, lovely English gardens, and many attractive walking paths, of which the longest is called The Cotswold Way. I imagined the three friends setting out together, going through different adventures and moods as they explored the various trails, and finally bidding a bittersweet farewell to their time together.


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