TrevCo Music Publishing’s PEN Trio Collection

The PEN Trio is pleased to partner with TrevCo Music Publishing to create the PEN Trio Collection.  This collection features critical editions of existing works as well as works written for the PEN Trio.  

Works in the collection:

    5•4•3 (except after C) (2013)  |   William Bradbury [Purchase]
    In Threes (2011)  |  Marion Shawn Hundley [Purchase]
    Found Objects: On the Beach (2013)  |   Jenni Brandon [Purchase]
    Oblique Strategies (2014)  |  Aleksander Sternfeld-Dunn [Purchase]
    Soirées Musicales  |  Gioacchino Rossini   [Purchase]
    Triple Dances (2014) | Jon Grier [Purchase]
 Walking the Cotswolds (2014)  |  Allen Cohen [Purchase]

All titles in the PEN Trio Collection are available at TrevCo-Varner Music (

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